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If you are concerned about Aerial Spraying for the West Nile Virus in your Dallas Ft. Worth area, here are some tips that might be helpful:

1. Make sure you stay up to date on the days and times that pesticide spraying for the west nile virus will occur in your neighborhood.

2. Turn off air-conditioning all together, so that the fan does not pull in outside air.

3. Keep all pets indoors.

4. Keep your car in the garage.

5. Stay inside during spraying hours.

6. If you must go out during or just after aerial pesticide spraying for the west nile virus, change your clothes immediately and shower off with warm soapy water. Clothes that have been exposed, should be washed separately straight away.

7. If you develop a rash or have trouble breathing dial 911 for help.

8.Questions can be directed to the Poison Control Center in your area.

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