Which Vitamins are right for you?

With all of the vitamins and supplements on the market, it is hard to decide which ones are right for you.  Is a single multivitamin best? Is it necessary to take handfuls of separate vitamins several times a day in order to be “healthy”? Are my friend’s vitamins good for me too? Could too much of something be a good thing?  


There are an abundance of vitamin and supplement options in the marketplace these days, and it seems as though you can take one for anything.  This blog will discuss how vitamins and supplements can be beneficial to your health and an easy way to get the RIGHT supplements tailored just for your situation.


Vitamins are organic compounds that are necessary for your body to have in order to have normal metabolism and to prevent metabolic disorders (Fairfield, 2019).  Most vitamins need to be ingested through diet or supplements to prevent vitamin deficiency as well as to prevent some chronic diseases (Fairfield, 2019).  Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors that increase the incidence of heart disease as well as other chronic diseases (Patti et al., 2017).  Patti et al., (2017) discusses the benefits of consuming foods and supplements high in antioxidants and that have natural anti-inflammatory properties to combat obesity and chronic illnesses including cardiovascular disease.  Polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega’s 3, 6) are also beneficial for patients with metabolic disorders like hypertension, elevated triglycerides and insulin resistance (Patti et al., 2017).  Eating large amounts of foods with antioxidants and omega’s or simply taking supplements can reduce the chances of chronic illnesses as well as promote a healthy lifestyle (Patti et al., 2017).  Persona Vitamin Packs Pro is a company that provides many of these antioxidants, vitamins, and supplements for us to purchase.


Persona Vitamin Packs Pro provides a tailored package of supplements in easy to use individual daily packs for all of your needs.  A team of healthcare providers including doctors, registered dietitians, and nutritionists developed an algorithm that provides more than 5 trillion combinations of 85 different supplements that are pure and highly absorbable to the body for maximum benefit.  Persona’s Vitamin Packs Pro provides a complex survey reviewing each body system to look for areas of needed support or improvement.  This also includes personal supplements for men’s and women’s health as well as pre-natal.  Supplements supporting immune health, weight loss, bariatric health, as well as stress and sleep, are available as well.


Persona provides custom supplements that can be made for anyone who follows a special diet or that has allergies.  If you have special dietary concerns, Vitamin Packs Pro offers supplements that are pescatarian/vegetarian/vegan as well as keto friendly.  If allergies are a concern, supplements are available free of most major food allergens, as well as pollens and latex.  Persona values safety and analyzes up to 850 prescription drugs for reactions with their supplements.  


Persona Vitamin Packs Pro provides supplements for people to help support normal body processes and gives us the vitamins that we may not get in our everyday diet.  Whether you are trying to improve your health, supplement what you are already doing, or trying to reverse damage that may have already been done, Vitamin Packs Pro has a personal supplement pack just for you.  Persona Vitamins personalized packs are delivered straight to your door every 28 days. 


Check out Dr. Herrscher’s online store for your 5 minute personalized assessment and receive a  30% discount off your first two orders! www.Rherrscher.vitaminpackspro.com


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Susan Mussachio FNP

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