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5 Common Triggers of Sudden-Onset Hives

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Hives, called urticarial by the medical community, are common, uncomfortable, and unsightly. Hives affect about 20% of the population in this country at some point in their lives. These red, bumpy, or slightly raised welts can occur anywhere on your body including your face, torso, back, arms, and legs. Hives can be small or large. […]

What is Allergy Testing All About?

AIR Care Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology & Allergists located in Dallas, TX & Plano, TX

What is Allergy Testing All About? Adults and children can develop allergy symptoms at any age.  The symptoms represent the body’s reaction to a particular substance.  A substance that can cause an allergic reaction is called an allergen.  Allergy testing helps your doctor identify which allergen you are reacting to. Knowing just what you are […]

Understanding How a Mast Cell Disorder Can Affect You

Everyone has mast cells. They’re a type of white blood cell found throughout your body’s connective tissue and bone marrow. They live, for example, in your skin, intestinal lining, nervous system, cardiovascular system, and airways. When mast cells function properly, they help protect your body from foreign substances and injury by releasing chemicals also called […]

What You Can Expect During Your Immunotherapy Appointment

Seasonal and year-round allergies can interfere with your quality of life and enjoyment of the outdoors. The first line of defense for allergies is to avoid the allergen. But for those who are allergic to pollen, trees, grass, dust mites, mold spores, and bee venom, that means avoiding the outdoors for a good part of […]

Food Allergies: Symptoms to Look Out for and How to Handle Them

Unlike seasonal allergies, which come and go, food allergies are always there. Food allergies are common among both children and adults with about 15 million Americans having one or more. Food intolerances are often confused with food allergies. In some cases, the symptoms are similar, but an allergy can have far more serious health effects. […]

Why You Should See a Doctor If You Think You Are Suffering from Asthma

Every year, asthma strikes more and more people. About 26 million people in the United States have asthma, which is about 8.3% of the population. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, asthma was the cause of 14.2 million doctor visits and 1.8 million emergency room visits in 2016. That same year, more than […]

Worried You May Have Immunodeficiency Disorder? Top Things to Look For

Your immune system is a group of protective cells and proteins that are charged with keeping unwanted viruses, infections, and disease out of your body. When unwanted bacteria or germs enter your system, your immune system sends cells to attack them. But if your immune system is not working properly, these cell defenders may not […]

The Flu and Asthma

As Flu season gets underway, it is important for everyone to be informed on key facts about the Flu. The Flu is a potentially dangerous infection for anyone, but many of our patients at AIR Care are at a higher risk for complications from the Flu, especially those with asthma. In fact, asthma is the […]

What is the Microbiome?

WHAT IS THE MICROBIOME The term “good bacteria” is by now familiar, and probiotic supplements and foods have been found on supermarket shelves for some time.  Humans are colonized by trillions of microorganisms that include bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoans.1 The microbiome refers to all the microorganisms, and their DNA, living within the human body.  The […]